Who Are We

Womenactiv is the premier online destination for the world’s high quality and fashionable activewear and sportswear brands.

Our Customers

Womenactiv initially serves women in Turkey. We deliver the latest on-trend for all women, who has an active lifestyle regardless of their size, shape or stage of life. Across social media, especially on Instagram, the Womenactiv network is a dynamic blend of fashion, wellbeing and fitness.

Our Mission

To deliver the latest collection of the high performance active fashion range in a holistic and personalized way with impeccable customer service experience.

Our Brands

The Womenactiv product range is carefully edited to represent the best products that industry currently offers. We provide highest quality, highly sought after collections from established and emerging designer brands. We always on the lookout for companies who want to partner with Womenactiv.

We focus on functionality,fashion, fabric and fit; which give transition from workout to weekend with ease and simplicity. Our product range ideally has below features:

•Finest fit and style
•High performance and high aesthetic
•Elegant prints and sleek design
•All day comfort
•Body-sculpting styles with high-tech materials
•Femininity and modernity
•Supple and technical fabrics, distinctive feel
•Innovative moisture-wicking, breath and stretch materials


- Impeccable customer service: Doing it by heart.
- Fast & on time delivery: With a sense of urgency & responsibility.
- Ethical business practices: Integrity. Always.

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